Thursday, December 8, 2011


This morning we said goodbye to New York once again and started our trip back to Lexington.  Despite wanting to get home, both of us are a bit sad to leave.   We have some great friends there and love our church (trinity grace).  We are spending the night in Cumberland, MD.

We are very lucky that both Brea and Fleur are good travelers.   Fleur slept the whole trip.  We stopped at Cabela's on the way.  Brea enjoyed looking at all of the animals.  Our trip tomorrow is a little longer, but it should be a little quicker to pack up and get on our way.

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  1. We're quite surprised to hear that Fleur slept during the whole car ride since she slept so so horribly here in NY =) We miss you guys. Samuel misses "E.T.-ing" you.