Monday, December 5, 2011

Slow and steady progress

It has been a few days since we have written anything.  The biggest reason for that is that there has been very little to write.  Brea does not have another appointment at the hospital until tomorrow morning.  She has slowly been improving over the last week, getting more and more herself.  Unfortunately the low-fat diet has been a struggle.  She has almost constantly been wanting to eat.  It gets quite difficult to find enough variety to keep her going.  Luckily I found some low-fat mac and cheese which she has enjoyed the last couple of nights for dinner which has broken the constant grilled chicken and fish diet.  She has also eaten her fair share of crackers with marmite over the last few days.

During the past week we have been trying to get back to a somewhat normal life.  This has included a couple of trips to the playground.  Today we visited the 9/11 memorial in the morning (as well as showing Brea the statue of liberty in the distance from Battery park) and then went to the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller plaza after dark.  We have also managed to catch up with a few people over the last week.  For those who saw Brea in the hospital, they have been surprised in her improvement now that she is out of hospital.

Fortunately Brea's parents have been able to avoid the low-fat diet.  Shake shack (burgers) has been well frequented, and we have also enjoyed an Australian mince (meat) pie for lunch (we also shared a sausage roll too because the pie was so good.  Bronwyn was adamant that I shouldn't have a pie and a sausage roll.  She apparently felt quite strongly about it as she provided a reasonable amount of help in eating it).  We are both wanting another pie (or maybe a dozen) before we head back to Lexington.  On a related topic, I signed up to run a half marathon in late march.  As you can see my training has started splendidly.  I left my running shoes in Lexington.  In their place: burgers and pies.

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