Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Follow Up Appointment

This morning we had Brea's first follow up appointment after being discharged on Saturday.  The day consisted of (i) an ekg, (ii) an echo, (iii) blood draw (for all three of us), (iv) an x-ray, and (v) a chat with the doctor.  The good news is that the doctor was really happy with (i)-(iv).  She thinks her Fontan "looks great" on the echo.  Her oxygen saturation was sitting at 96-97% and her x-ray looked ok.  As a result, they have slightly lowered the dose of diuretics that Brea is on (these are making the transition back to using the potty particularly difficult), although she expects Brea to still be on the diuretics for another 3-6 months.   We have another appointment next Tuesday.

The only unfortunate thing is that they have yet to stabilize her warfarin dose.  That means another trip to the hospital on Thursday morning for another blood draw.  Hopefully they can stabilize that soon so that Brea doesn't have to get poked every second day. 

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