Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another day

In a relative sense, today was quite an uneventful day.  Unfortunately, we are in a shared room and our neighbours provide an equal dose of entertainment and headaches.  Between the snoring and the them all waking at 5am, there was not as much sleep to be had as we would have liked.  There was also a good barney when the wife woke the father to help her with junior.....

Brea also woke at about 230am crying incessantly.  She wouldn't talk to me or communicate in any way.  Eventually the nurse came in and she ended up giving her some morphine that helped her sleep through the rest of the night.

Her last remaining drainage tube had not really drained anything so they removed that late in the morning.  Unfortunately, the reason it stopped draining is because it was blocked.  Once they took it out, a lot of fluid came oozing/gushing (you choose) out.  A couple of hours later they took an x-ray to see if there was any fluid left in there.  They were quite pleased that all of the fluid appeared to have come out.   The removal of the final tube marks the point from which Brea has to remain on the fat-free diet for another two weeks.

This morning Brea also had her "discharge" echo.  I think they were pretty happy with the pictures and her heart appears to be doing everything it should be doing.

There are a few things they want to clear up before they will let us break out.  One of those is that there is still some fluid in the left lung.  They want Brea up and moving around as much as possible to get her lungs opened up to get rid of this fluid.  Unfortunately, Brea doesn't seem thrilled about the prospect.  Every time we suggest a walk there is a period of "No, no NO!".  We have managed to get her up 2-3 times and while not enjoying it, she seems to be doing quite well.  If we could get to the point where she wants to get up and walk, I think we would make good progress on this front.

Another thing is the oxygen she is receiving.  Fortunately, she is down to quite a low amount, so hopefully we can ween that off tomorrow.

The final thing is her fluid intake.  They are wanting her to drink more, as they are a bit concerned she is not drinking enough.  They had to give her IV fluids last night and I think they are going to give her more tonight.  Brea has never really drunk a lot, so I am not sure how well we are going to do on that front.

All in all, it is quite positive.  Hopefully, provided progress continues, we should be able to leave in the next day or three.  They have warned us that they will be following up with us pretty closely, particularly with x-rays to make sure the fluid is draining.

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