Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ups and downs

It is easy to forget how quickly things change while in the ICU.  As I briefly described last night, they were concerned about her blood pressure being too low.  That seemed to improve and it looked like they were going to take the tube out, only for concern over her oxygen saturations being too low.  During the night and continuing on into the morning, they are worried about a fever she has (that hasn't reduced with tylenol) and are still concerned about her oxygen saturations as well as her heart rhythm and how this is associated with her blood pressure.   They are reluctant to pace her heart as it seems they are also pacing her diaphram which leads to her little chest beating quite dramatically whenever they pace her.  It seems to us as everytime they intervene, something else goes out of whack.

Each different doctor we have in here seems to have a different view on extubating her.  Some want to get it out (we got told this is a big step in her recovery), while others are wanting to keep it in for longer.  It is difficult for us to watch and wait as every time Brea awakens it is not a pleasant experience.

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