Friday, November 25, 2011

One day closer

It appears as if Brea will be discharged tomorrow.  Almost everything seems to be improving at this point.  She has had two x-rays this morning, both of which the doctors were very happy with.  She is also walking better.  She still doesn't like it or want to do it, but at least she is complaining less and has even walked on her own a couple of times (we don't generally get any further than 10m in a go at the moment). 

The big remaining challenge is her eating and drinking.  We both thought she has been eating and drinking much better, but the nurse has just came in and told us that she is starting IV fluids as her chemistry appears a little dehydrated.  So this is something that we will have to keep a pretty close eye on if we are discharged tomorrow.

Other than that there is not much in the way of news.  Below are a few photos of Brea and Fleur.  Most of them are happy photos except one which shows a fairly familiar face whenever someone wants to do anything to Brea.

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