Thursday, November 17, 2011

An unsettled little girl

Today has been another difficult day.  Fortunately, most of the news we have had has been positive, but Brea has been very unsettled and requiring almost constant attention.  They think it is because a lot of fluid had built up in her right lung making it difficult to breathe, etc.   With all of her blue blood bypassing her heart and going directly to the lungs, they become even more important than normal. 

At lunch time they lightly sedated Brea and inserted another drainage tube into the right lung.  They hope this will help with how she feels.  While she was sedated, they also helped remove some gas from her stomach.  Unfortunately, she is still currently quite unsettled.  We are both struggling as Brea has been almost constantly whimpering or complaining since early this morning and it is very hard to figure out what the problem is.  Is it now the after effects of sedation that are unsettling?  Or is there something else.   It is especially hard when all Brea wants it to be "up with Daddy/Mummy" (i.e. have us pick her up and hold her) which we are unable to do.

One cute story from the sedation was when she woke up (again we were not there).  She looked around and said "Hello.  Goodbye." and then shut her eyes again.  Other than the fluid in the lungs, they appear quite happy with progress.  As always, it is a waiting game requiring a great deal of patience.

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