Monday, November 21, 2011

Patience, patience

It looks like we will need some patience.  After giving Brea some fluids her lactate readings stayed the same.  They decided to give her more fluids to see what happened.  After the second round of fluids the lactate values came down substantially.  Despite this, the doctors decided to also put her back on the heart medication.  She will likely stay on the medication for another couple of days and we will repeat the "lets try and get her off the medication and out of the ICU" process all over again in a couple of days.

We are in two minds about this.  On one hand, it is a conservative approach that should ensure that once she comes off the medication and the lines are removed, she will not need lines to be put back in and medication restarted.  On the other hand, it is disappointing that we are going to have another couple of days where Brea will have to stay in bed and will not get the chance to get back on her feet.  It basically continues to delay her recovery.

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