Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

We're another day closer to discharge and things are looking pretty good this morning.  Brea got some good sleep last night - which is sometimes hard to come by in a hospital!

She had an x-ray this morning and it was clear :)  So the fluid that gushed out last night was obviously a quick way to rid her lungs of the remaining fluid there.

They have also been cutting back Brea's oxygen and have just stopped it entirely this morning.  So no more nasal canula and no more yucky tape on Brea's face.

We have been up and about this morning.  Brea seems a bit fearful of getting out of bed so we took her for a walk around the unit in her stroller.  Then we got her out to walk on her own but she was not happy about that.  We encouraged her to walk a few metres from her stoller to a chair and then back again.  This must have been quite tiring as she is back in bed and asleep now.

The Dr's have mentioned Saturday as a possible release date.  Before then we have to make sure her warfarin dose is sorted out and we have her blood the right thickness.  And we also have to get her eating and drinking.  The Dr's are not too happy with her appetite or fluid intake.  We've told them she's never been a big eater or drinker at home, but they're still not happy.  She seems pretty bored of the hospital food, but we brought her in some Marmite this morning and she's eaten a big cracker covered with Marmite :)

A few of you have asked after Fleur.  She is with us in NY.  We have had amazing help babysitting her and bringing her back and forth so that Bronwyn can feed her (thanks to the Tyson family and the Ryness family)  We are also very lucky as Fleur is a very relaxed baby and does not fuss much.  Since Fleur cannot stay at the hospital overnight, her and Bronwyn head back to the apartment where we are staying a couple of blocks from the hospital.  Bronwyn is also extremely thankful that Fleur has just figured out how to sleep for a looooong time :)  The last three nights she has sleep for about 8-9 hours each night!!!

This thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for.  If Brea had of been born in our generation she wouldn't have made it out of her first week.  We are so thankful that the surgery was successful and that Brea appears to be making a good recovery.  Yes, there have been a few bumps along the road, and will no doubt be plenty more, but it is good to see our little girl become more and more herself every day.  We are also very thankful for our friends and family.  You have helped to carry us through the last couple of weeks, some of you with your practical support, and many of you in prayer.  Having to hand your child over to have open heart surgery is a lesson in how our children are not really our own.  Instead they are precious gifts that we have the chance to raise (and hopefully teach them something).  This thanksgiving we are most thankful that we have both of our precious gifts for another day. 

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