Wednesday, November 23, 2011


About 5 minutes after the previous blog post, we sat Brea up to have a drink of apple juice.  As she was drinking, Bronwyn exclaimed "you are peeing out of your diaper" (after our stint in hospital it looks like we are going to have a battle to re potty train Brea, but that is another topic entirely).  After a few moments contemplation we realised that the fluid was actually gushing (no choice this time) from the spot where the drainage tube was coming out of the left lung.  This drainage tube was removed a couple of days ago (the dressing was downgraded to a band-aid this morning) so it was a bit of a surprise.  A cardiologist came and dressed it again and want us to keep Brea as still as possible (which is currently easy as she is sleeping).  Someone from the surgery team will come and check on it in the morning.  We are not really sure what the implications of this are, but thought some of you might appreciate knowing this.

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