Friday, November 18, 2011

Morphine aids sleep

They ended up giving Brea another dose of morphine at around lunch time.  It didn't take long before Brea was asleep.  She slept most of the afternoon.  Unfortunately, this meant that we spent a lot of time sitting beside her bed while she was asleep, and then she was probably awake when we had some dinner tonight and were not here.

The morphine appears to have now worn off.  She is clearly not enjoying her hospital visit.  For the last 30 minutes of so, she just whimpers/cries out every couple of seconds or so and will not say a word.   This makes it very difficult to know what to do.  Is she in pain? (the nurse doesn't think so).  Is she just sick of being stuck in a bed not moving with things stuck in her body?  She has just fallen asleep again, hopefully for the night.

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